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Porch Railings, Balusters, and Decking
White Cedar Railings,
Balusters, and 5/4 Decking

Yoder's Sawmill turns logs to usable lumber. Whether you're looking for cedar for a deck, hemlock for a building project, or walnut for kitchen cabinets, we can take care of you. We keep a selection of 2x4's, 2x6's and larger dimensional lumber, and various hardwoods on hand. With a bandsaw mill, generous kiln, and crew of workers, we're ready to quickly work on your custom order, large or small.

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We're always looking for quality logs. To keep up with the demand for white cedar decking, dimensional lumber, and to keep a variety of hardwood on hand we need a constant supply of solid logs to cut. If you're a logger with cedar, hemlock, red oak, or cherry to sell, we'd be interested in talking with you.

Also, a large part of our business is cutting, drying, and planing custom orders for people. If you have a quality log you'd like to have cut for a special project, please contact us.

Did you know...
Log siding has the look of a log home but easier to install?
Hemlock will last 10 years or more in the ground?
Pine flooring is as beautiful and functional now as it was 150 years ago?
Yoder's Sawmill will give you top notch service!
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